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Feeling of Being a Newbie

After long this time, finally i found my password blog. Since Aug 2014 I never write anything. To many story of my live missed in this blog 😉

Anyway, I started to live in Kuala Lumpur since last year, since that I’ve been thinking to join some club or join sport club or something like that, just trying to make some friend in here. I don’t wanna end up only at office – condo office – condo. My friend said that there is club public speaking called ‘Toastmaster‘. What is ‘Toastmaster’?  Toastmaster is a club provides a mutually supportive and positive learning environment that enables members to develop effective public speaking and leadership skills.

Short story, I joined to ‘Toastmaster’ ITC Bintang. Environment in ‘Toastmaster’ is good, warm, very supportive. There some role every meeting in ‘Toastmaster’ which is for evaluate your grammar, evaluate your timing when you speak and absolutely  evaluate your material when you do your speech. Meeting only every 2 weeks, so I think is not to difficult to join in this club. When i started to speak in front of stranger i feel tremble, nausea, and dizzy. Actually my first speech is very simple, only talk about yourself and your background. Sound easy right? But then I realized, even we try to speak about yourself it feel torture if you do it in front of stranger. After i did my first speech, i got unexpected feedback from fellow member Toastmaster. They applause me and give the positive feedback, as they always do to a new members.

So many things i can learned from this club.

Even you new, even you don’t know about anything, even you feeling not confident, just do the best, just believe that something will help you when you focus and total.

I try to write this story in English so that i hope fellow newbie around the world can understand and start to ‘not feel pessimist’ 🙂

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